Accounting Seed

Accounting Seed with GoldFinch

Accounting Seed is our preferred solution for Goldfinch when QB is not enough.


Accounting Seed’s financials is the top-rated accounting solution on the Salesforce platform, Accounting Seed utilizes the robust power and comprehensive functionality of Salesforce. Users can effectively manage all financial activities with more flexibility than virtually any other financial management solution. Accounting Seed is a GAAP and IFRS-compliant system. designed for companies seeking full audit capabilities and deep analytics to monitor their financial activities. 


Being on the same Salesforce platform, all GoldFinch financial transactions are being recorded in Real Time without the need for extensive integration routines. Eliminate users working in two systems and visibility to all data is always available.




  • Flexible accounting periods (fiscal, calendar)

  • Natural chart of accounts plus four general ledger variables for reporting segmentation

  • Supports multi-national accounting for organizations with multiple legal entities with different base currencies

  • Supports multi-currency accounting



  • Turnkey full trial balance, profit and loss, cash flow statement, and balance sheet reporting with drill-down capability

  • Point and click creation of custom financial statements with user-defined rows, columns, and calculations

  • Actual to actual, actual to budget, or budget to budget comparison of any accounting period

  • Format financial statements with blank rows, indents, percentages, and underlines

  • Ledger inquiry tool to research underlying transactions based on user-defined criteria

  • Easily export financials to Excel and PDF



  • Budgeting by general ledger account and variable for each accounting period

  • Unlimited number of budget ledgers

  • Easily import/update budgets from Excel



  • Connected to more than 14,500 banks and credit card companies  

  • Memorization of general ledger coding for bank imports

  • Supports automated matching of ledger transactions to bank feeds

  • Bank reconciliation with audit reports



  • Track creation and approvals of payable records

  • Current and historic accounts payable aging by accounting period

  • Automatically take discounts for prompt payment terms

  • Quickly cut a single check as payment from an accounts payable record

  • User-defined selection criteria for accounts payable payment batches

  • Cloud-based check printing from a web browser

  • Prepaid expense recognition



  • Online payment of invoices 

  • Parent-child cash matching

  • Integrated for credit card and ACH payment processing 

  • Easily write off excess balances

  •  Generate and email customer statements

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