GoldFinch for

Cheese Manufacturing

All-in-one Salesforce Solution to better Manage & Optimize your Cheese Operations

Quickly track catch weights as well as by-product and co-product management in our customized ERP system for simple compliance reporting. Then, manage your customers and deliver the information they need through our CRM.

Key Benefits Include:


•    Catch Weights
•    Advanced Lot Tracking/Traceability
•    By Product & Co-Product Management
•    Scrap & Rework Management
•    Extensive Pricing & Commodity Cost Management
•    Promotions & Deal Management
•    Broker Commission Tracking
•    Warehouse Management To Control Expiration Date Picking
•    Quality Compliance For SQF To Manage Process Controls &
•    Real Time Yield Analyses
•    Production Planning & Scheduling With Forecasting Tools
•    Automated Data Collection

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