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GoldFinch helps you manage your SQF Compliance

Becoming SQF compliant in the food industry has become a mandatory requirement to meet both regulatory and Distribution partner conditions. Many larger food retailers will not do business with companies that have not achieved SQF certification. GoldFinch, on the SalesForce Platform, can natively address many of the data & process elements that are part of a SQF audit. The certification requires a significant amount of documentation to support your processes during the audit. Goldfinch can help expedite the process.


Included GoldFinch SQF Features to help you manage the SQF certification process

  • Comprehensive Farm to Fork Lot traceability through the entire manufacturing process. Both forward & backward tracing of Raw materials through Finished Good and back to the source. Lot expiration dates, country of origin and manufactured data is tightly monitored. Expired product is automatically moved to a special area and is prohibited from being sold or used in production.


  • A managed Mock & Actual recall process that will identify the lots in question, create the required correspondence and manage the distribution of the notification. It will track and document that the recall notice was sent and identify if the receiving party opened the notice. By using the automated workflow processes, it will issue follow up emails and record all interactions with the customer. It will manage the return goods process issuing credit memo’s or store the documentation where the customer was instructed to destroy the product.


  • A complete QC validation process to inspect incoming materials and initiate a process where it is stored in a QC area and cannot be released until the automated approval process has been completed. Complete documentation and test results are stored with the receipt. Including a generated certificate of analysis.


  • Finished goods and work in process follow the same sequence and the technical specification test document can be unique to a specific product. In compliance with SQF, there are boundaries of what is acceptable and what actions to be taken if a specific test is out of range.


  • Each step of the manufacturing process is available for monitoring and will recognize if the employee is authorized for this process, a checklist of safety procedures, temperature and processing time can be also be recorded.


  • A monitoring process to maintain the annual vendor compliance report to certify their process is compliant with materials being purchased from them. If the compliance document is not received subsequent e-mails are triggered to the vendor. The receipt is documented and stored with the vendor record.


  • Maintenance of approved vendors and further validation in the manufacturing process that certain customers may require that products sold to them must comply with specific sourced vendors. i.e organic cinnamon can only be produced in a certain country rom a specific vendor.

  • Employee tracking of their certifications and authorizations to engage in certain production processes. Automated workflows to advise the employee that his certifications are nearing expiration.

  • Allergen management to specifically identify which products have identified allergens as part of their formulation or produced on equipment that previously manufactured allergen containing products.

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