Your team is always online with
the Salesforce Cloud.

No matter where your diverse team is located, all employees can easily log onto GoldFinch accessing their data on the go

Savings on time, infrastructure and systems management results in a trimmer bottom line.

The Platform

Interact with and access all of your data, instead of emailing spreadsheets and notes between computers.

Information is shared amongst your team in public folders and you can refresh at any time. No more waiting for a spreadsheet to process countless lines of data – GoldFinch utilizes the Salesforce Cloud in real time.

Be ready for your customer's questions with all of your data immediately available.

Jump from app to app within Salesforce, on any device. GoldFinch is always there for you.

Get Started

we believe that you owe it to yourself to investigate GoldFinch Cloud Solutions,
the optimal and most cost-effective solution for your food and beverage company.


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