Real Time EDI  Integration
Legacy process to manage EDI Transactions

ERP Integration software is

     accessed to load document to ERP system

EDI order transmitted from customer to EDI provider

EDI file is manually downloaded from EDI site

Downloaded file is processed and imported to ERP system

Invoice EDI file created

ERP integration software is accessed and sends file to EDI Provider

Infocon/GoldFinch EDI process

Customers EDI

Orders Validated & Automatically

created in GoldFinch

Invoices posted in GoldFinch Automatically Transmitted

As EDI orders are transmitted from the Customer they are created in GoldFinch and all pricing & customer compliance issues are validated in the order. The transmitted trading partners documents are stored within a web portal for easy access to review the transmission and correct any errors.


Infocon maintains the mappings, tests & validates with the trading partner and ensures it is compliant and will integrate properly with GoldFinch. Within the Infocon library, thousands of trading partners and their required documents are maintained to expedite a very rapid and cost- effective transition from legacy EDI.

Sample of Supported Transaction Documents
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