What differentiates GoldFinch Cloud Solutions from other solutions?
GoldFinch was designed as a modern, complete and easy-to-use solution for emerging food distributors & manufacturers who have outgrown their existing applications in managing their business. It provides a path to manage growth by controlling inventory, Analytics for trade promotions and customer relations. By combining, Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM solution, with ERP functionality designed specifically for food companies, the entire picture comes together in real time.
But Salesforce is expensive and only large companies can afford to use it!
Yes, Salesforce is a premium solution used in 77% of Fortune 500 companies. But surprisingly, it has a market share of 44.5% with companies between 1-100 employees. As an ISV developed application, the Goldfinch solution at $125 per user, is built on the Salesforce platform and comes with much of the enterprise functionality with a complete ERP system.
What are the requirements to access?
As a true cloud-based solution, GoldFinch on the Salesforce platform can be accessed from virtually any device, from any location where internet connectivity is available. With the Salesforce Mobile app, the system is natively available on mobile devices. It is platform- and browser-agnostic, meaning it will run on PC or Mac and within IE, Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari.
Does it have native mobility built in?
As the platform is designed for the web, the development code is written upon having mobility as a core function. Many older solutions are trying to modify legacy code to accomplish mobility, but are using a web browser to compensate, rather than designing a mobile app.
What about Trade Promotions and Chargebacks?
Virtually all food companies we meet express their concerns regarding the inability to manage and control Trade Promotions and Chargebacks. With GoldFinch, we made dealing with Promotions and Chargebacks to be a key feature of the system including extensive reporting to assess the value of each Promotion and real-time validation of the Chargeback tied to the Promotion.
Does the ERP handle compliance requirements for food safety?
GoldFinch is one of the most comprehensive Lot Tracking applications in the market. The solution is a true farm to fork compilation of virtually every transaction that affected a lot number. It also includes any and all allergen controls in the warehouse and the Country of Origin to the lot level. By bringing these all together, the system is designed to meet the most stringent compliance issues.
Is it integrated with a native shipping solution?
GoldFinch is integrated with the native Salesforce application, Shipmate, with over 10,000 customers worldwide. Our partner Kuebix offers a modular, scalable and intuitive TMS platform that integrates with GoldFinch quickly and easily.
What are the minimum number of users required?
GoldFinch requires a minimum of 3 users. There are no limits on the maximum number of users or amount of data that is being processed.
What is the timeframe of implementation?
A typical GoldFinch implementation, up to 10 users, normally requires 90 days to be operational. Much depends on the type of organization and complexity of processes. Manufacturing companies may require additional time. Our experienced team has a proven implementation protocol and will be by your side every step until Go-Live.
How is your EDI integration more efficient?
We often find that most EDI solutions require either the use of web forms or data downloaded from a provider’s site such as Tue Commerce or SPS; these also tend to run a process to import that data into the ERP application. With GoldFinch EDI, all orders are transmitted in real-time to GoldFinch and created as a Sales Order to be reviewed and processed. From there, orders are marked as an EDI created order for validation.
What inventory control and planning features are available?
GoldFinch was designed to overcome many of the limitations of existing commercially available accounting systems such as QuickBooks, Xero or Sage. Oftentimes these products require a bolt-on solution to manage inventory. This is where the GoldFinch Food ERP differs – it’s a complete warehouse management solution that serves multi locations, multi bins and extensive MRP planning tools to effectively determine requirements.
Does GoldFinch handle Batch Manufacturing/Processing?
GoldFinch comes complete with a manufacturing Work Order system that handles both discrete or batch processing with multiple pack outs, multiple units of measure, and extensive yield analytics.
Why wouldn’t I stay with QuickBooks and use an add-on?
For some companies that may work; for others the add-on solution may not have all the requirements or functionality needed. The add-on may not be modifiable or expandable. It all depends on what the business needs and requires.
Do other solutions offer an AppExchange with more than 4,000 solutions?
The Salesforce ecosystem has over 4,000 certified and tested apps that can enhance GoldFinch with added functionality and many at no cost. Rather than paying for expensive add-ons or custom coding, the AppExchange may provide a quick and inexpensive solution. As is the case in most apps. If it doesn’t work, just uninstall without affecting your program or data.
Is it a true cloud solution or is it hosted on a cloud server like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Azure?
The GoldFinch solution on the Salesforce Platform is a cloud multi-tenant application. All 250,000+ Salesforce users processing over 8 billion transactions per day use the same Salesforce programs. Updates and new releases happen automatically and do not affect existing data or modifications.
Is there a charge for upgrades to GoldFinch?
No, upgrades and enhancements are all included in the subscription fees.
What is the support policy and costs?
Our support team is ready to address any issues you may have with GoldFinch functionality. Included in the subscription fees is the standard support response time of one business day. Higher support level agreements are available.
Promotions Effectivity Analytics?
• Ability to view all promotions for a given retailer for the calendar year in a one-glance view
• Annual / quarterly total gross sales at the retailer and aggregate level by product-line
• Annual / quarterly estimated cost of promotions at the retailer and aggregate level by product-line
• Annual / quarterly net sales at the retailer and aggregate level by product-line

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