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Transform your food business with impactful software solutions

Your food business has unique needs, and maintaining compliance, supply chain success, promising prospects and financial reporting takes a lot out of your team. However, there is an easier way to unite your teams and keep them working on what matters. GoldFinch's integrated CRM & ERP systems focus are custom-made specifically to ensure success for food manufacturers and distributors of all sizes. Let us help you grow by automating processes, establishing accurate client lifecycles, and manage every aspect of your business across the organization in real time.

Wholesale Bakeries

Scale your wholesale bakery business and track processes to easily fulfill standing orders with our customized CRM solution. Then, measure revenue effectively for current and recurring orders with the ERP integration to anticipate inventory requirements and only order the raw materials you need.


Sales teams benefit from promotion management tracking in our CRM, while compliance needs, profit margins, and ingredient controls are tracked through our ERP integration—all saved to the cloud for easy future access. Keep creating consistent, high-quality products quickly and easily.

Frozen Food Companies

Maintain compliance with expiration management, track products with version controls, and stay on top of profit margins with our combined ERP & CRM software solution. Start to scale your business today!


Stay in compliance by quickly tracking catch weights and managing shelf lives in a custom ERP system connected to the cloud. Plus, maintain profitability with commodity cost management assistance and effortless order processing to actively scale your business.

Cheese Manufacturing

Quickly track catch weights as well as by-product and co-product management in our customized ERP system for simple compliance reporting. Then, manage your customers and deliver the information they need through our CRM.

Prepared Package Food Companies

Manage a variety of products with ingredient control through our integrated ERP system, then successfully manage promotions through the Salesforce CRM. Take your efficiency to a new level with production batching that makes sense—all tracked with real-time data stored on the cloud.

Wholesale Confectioners

Manage recipes and maintain versioning within the ERP system, while effectively determining broker commission through the CRM and ERP integration. Launch new products quicker and track recipe success, with data saved to the cloud - accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Ingredients, Flavorings & Spices

Manage multiple pack-outs and advanced lot controls through our innovative CRM & ERP integrated software solution so you don't miss out on a pinch of profit. Keep track of your clients so their orders are met on time.


Let our industry experts design a customized, cloud-based ERP & CRM solution specifically for your business. We'll help you manage any issue facing your food distribution or manufacturing business.

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