Real Time Batch Integration

Many food operations continue to trust their production people to properly and accurately scale materials used in the formulation process. Often times this can result in defective batches by not accurately weighing the specified ingredients, adding material out of sequence or using the wrong ingredient. By integrating GoldFinch Batch production orders with the PRIMS automated scaling system, companies can be assured the recipes are consistent and meet company specifications.


The PRIMS scaling system receives the batch production orders from GoldFinch and ensures the scaling is done sequentially and tolerance levels are strictly adhered to per formula. Additionally, with the use of bar code scanners, lot traceability is enforced and production records can be quickly retrieved in the event of a recall.

Production order created from GoldFinch


Order automatically in Real Time transmitted to Prims


operators can process the order

When batch is completed information  transmitted to GoldFinch

The operator is instructed to scale a specific ingredient in sequence and when the material is placed on the scale, only when the weight meets the tolerance level as indicated by being in the green section can the operator advance to the next item. When the batch is completed, the material usage and lot numbers are passed back to GoldFinch for analysis.

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