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Product Recall Compliance with GoldFinch

Managing a recall is a daunting process that can be costly financially and tarnish a company’s reputation. The process to successfully manage a recall involves many diverse functional areas within the company for employees to interact with customers, vendors and governmental agencies. Documentation of all information exchanges must be recorded properly and be easily accessible by the responsible employees ensure the process is compliant.


GoldFinch was designed to leverage the inherent power of the Salesforce platform to eliminate many of the challenges companies face in their attempt to manage the process while meeting the new stringent regulations. 

These features include:


  • All data is maintained in the Salesforce cloud which maintains the highest level of security to ensure your data is protected.

  • Documentation of interactions with Item Lots, Customers, Vendors and outside agencies are maintained within the system.

  • Integrated E-Mail management to create Recall Notices that automatically populate & validate the critical data is is native to the Salesforce platform.

  • Task management workflows to ensure responsible parties are alerted when they are assigned tasks and additional process workflows to monitor the  status.

  • Comprehensive Approval Processes to manage workflows with assurances that responsible individuals have the authority to certify the completion of the assigned task.

  • Employee responsibility  management to ensure employees are familiar with the process and authorized to manage their assigned responsibilities..

  • Ability within a unified system to manage the costs associated with the recall and record the proper accruals and expenses.

  • Determine if there is justification to seek compensation from third parties that may be responsible for the recall.

  • Generate custom reports and interactive dashboards which can automatically alert you via e-mail if certain conditions within the report in real time  have occurred.

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