QuickBooks Integration with GoldFinch

Simply stated… QuickBooks works well and we all understand the reluctance to migrate to a more complex system that requires data conversions, training, and process adjustments to handle what QuickBooks does well for most of the standard financial activities.


One area GoldFinch chose not to disturb was the financials area. So many companies are satisfied with their QuickBooks installation with its vast array of support options and product extensions.


The Industry experts at GoldFinch designed a cloud-based solution on the Salesforce Platform to manage virtually all the issues facing food distributors & manufacturers. Taking advantage of the Salesforce platform, with its globally accepted user interfaces and no required infrastructure support, GoldFinch has uniquely been positioned as a preferred solution for the food industry.


The software engineers and CPA’s at GoldFinch embarked on a project that would preserve QuickBooks while offering industry-specific functionality to support food companies.


This was accomplished by a developing a real-time integration process using the API’s from QuickBooks & Salesforce to seamlessly, without user intervention, transfer data to QuickBooks from GoldFinch. The development team addressed the CPA team members concerns of assuring data integrity between the two systems. An elaborate array of validation checkpoints, real-time error monitoring, and understandable error messages were incorporated to prevent inconsistent data.

Integrating GoldFinch with QuickBooks Online

Sales Invoice

Posted in


Job Scheduler

will execute transfer to QuickBooks

Invoice with

Detail lines in QuickBooks

Real Time Integration of:
  • Vendors

  • Customers

  • Sales Invoices

  • Purchase Invoices


Created in GoldFinch are transferred to

QuickBooks Online

  • LinkedIn

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