Complete security from Salesforce.

  • Your business is safe, secure, and only available to registered users within your organization
  • Salesforce provides three layers of security with lots of flexibility to accommodate virtually any business need
  • Further, there are five types of record-level security: org-wide defaults, role hierarchy sharing, sharing rules, manual sharing and Apex-based sharing
  • Real time data means complete transparency and trust in the quality of your data

The world's #1 customer relationship management platform.

Sell smarter and grow your business faster from anywhere.

Dynamic dashboards, real-time reporting and data analytics offer intelligence for closing all of your customers. Drive more revenue with a completely transparent sales process.

Engage your customers with more effective marketing.

Understand your customers’ habits, interactions and purchases from multiple sources. Create the right message for every customer.

Delight customers so they come back again and again.

Resolve customer support issues quickly, and leave notes so every agent knows the same information. Relationships are key.

Sales Force

Every detail documented and maintained in the Salesforce Cloud.

Simplicity in security, access and accuracy. With GoldFinch ERP and Salesforce CRM, every piece of your business’ data is on one platform. Reporting is consistently informed, accurate, and always up to date.

Connect with your customers on a deeper level, keeping track of every interaction.

Automate customer intensive marketing tasks and increase your presence. Better manage every channel and unify your customer support teams for ultimate control of your messaging. Never miss customer contact with Salesforce providing a comprehensive and shared view.

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Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Sales intelligence with Salesforce Einstein AI.

Data on the Go

Data on the Go

Your team is always online with the Salesforce Cloud.

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Ask a Question

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