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Personalized Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management

Know your business figures and finances anywhere, anytime! No need to hire another analyst; our real-time data helps
you stay agile and make meaningful decisions quickly. Everything you need to run your food and beverage business—
from inventory numbers and order status to financial reporting and client management—stays secure on one cloud based platform.

Seamlessly Combine a Salesforce CRM with a Powerful ERP

Our CRM & ERP solution are natively developed on the Salesforce Cloud to provide the ideal scalable software solution for small to medium-sized food industry businesses. Build your business, develop processes, and standardize workflows with features such as: sales prospect management; promotions, inventory, and warehouse management; production order planning and scheduling; advanced lot tracking; accounting integration; and more. Sell more, create more, and deliver more, without wasting time on the things that don't inspire you.

An Intuitive Integrated Software Solution

Our fully integrated, customized software means less time spent manually running reports or processing data spreadsheets, and more time selling your food and beverage goods.

  • Manage invoices and track customer history by aligning CRM data with Customer Ledger Entry tables and A/Raging data so you can improve customer relationships and create more effective relationships over time

  • Discover customer purchasing patterns to discern sales opportunities for existing clients and qualify new leads who fit your unique customer profile, then use this data to track and optimize marketing campaigns for increased conversion

  • Speed up analytical analysis and report processing to impress your stakeholders and C-Suite with real-time data on quota performance, inventory levels, campaign conversion, ROI, and more

  • Establish consistent processes that work with our proven point-to-point integration solutions between the most appropriate ERP system for your food business, as determined by our team, and the cloud-based Salesforce

Robust Integrations for Success in Every Department

From point of sale to shipping, we offer end-to-end software integrations to make your business the most impactful it can be. Some of our solutions, like Accounting Seed and Zenkraft, are created on the Salesforce platform and integrate flawlessly with our existing solution, making them the ideal options for your financial and shipping needs. Real-time reporting and a single system offer simplicity and ease that will make your business run smoother than ever before.

We also work with pre-existing systems in your business, like EDI, Shopify, and QuickBooks to create implementations that simplify your day-to-day business tasks. These options make it easier to integrate into a new system without leaving the cornerstones of your business behind. Our cloud-based ERP and CRM solutions can help your business take the next step towards scalability, without a complete overhaul of your current business tools and processes.


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