Everyone claims to have the best, most talented, highly trained, most responsive subject matter experts. We’ll let our clients tell you about our support:


Neil Fusco, Chef and Owner, Cucina Antica:

“The adoption and implementation of GoldFinch was not easy for us. We have set workflows and had an unrealistic view that this would be plug and play. Just drop it in and it would automate and streamline everything we were already doing. In the short-term, it didn’t happen but what happened next was terrific. 

“GoldFinch came in and first had to learn our system, which took some time. We did not know there would be this time of trial and error, and it was frustrating. We had no downtime to show them how we did things, or to learn the way they had laid it out. Nevertheless, they persevered and at the end, they exceeded our expectations.

“We use GoldFinch more than we ever anticipated. After much work, labor and effort, this has finally come to fruition.”

Simon Lester, founder and CEO, Pascha Chocolate:

“GoldFinch is able to handle our transactional management and do it beautifully. Some of the details of managing distributors, warehouses, billing, commissions and chargebacks are quite complex. It required some customization which GoldFinch support immediately understood. They modified the system  to give us exactly the cut of data we need, at no charge, during implementation.”

Jen Haberman, Vice President of Sales, Beyond Better Foods

“The GoldFinch team helped us optimize. It made all the difference to have a partner that understands the food industry and that this is a process. They came in with a plan and a timeline, and were always very responsive to our needs. Now, if there is a question, they are on top of it.”

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