For our fast-growing CPG company, the GoldFinch system had the integrated sales / marketing / ops / finance functionality that we were looking for. Furthermore, the GoldFinch implementation team had the capabilities to be able to customize the system specifically to our needs across contribution margin tracking, E-Commerce, promotional analysis, distribution management, manufacturing, and several other areas. I can say with confidence that the system has met our high expectations and that the level of service and expertise we received during the implementation was excellent."

Louis Hunt - COO - Beyond Better Foods, LLC

Goldfinch’s implementation team dedicated many hours of time and energy as we sought to automate and customize the core functions of our daily processes.Our daily documents are now more easily generated, orders fulfilled, and historicals compiled. More importantly, the data, once managed on error-prone spreadsheets, is now reliable. Time is being saved and input errors minimized.  This will allow us the luxury of time to more readily prepare for the inventory and financial features."

Santos Maldonado - Childhood Hunger Programs Manager - Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida

"If you're deciding on your next ERP system, Goldfinch is a excellent choice for two reasons: a incredible implementation team and a flexible system to fit your business needs. Starting with the former, the implementation/support team is comprised of all stars that work tirelessly to ensure that you're getting the ERP system that you're envisioning and not an out of box software that you have to re-build process around. 

Andy Kung - Operations Manager - Enlightened Ice Cream

GoldFinch is an excellent ERP and CRM for any food company! The program itself does an incredible job of linking Sales, Operations, Logistics, and Finance. We have complete visibility into orders, order status, warehouses inventory, and can follow all sales orders through across the finish line with GoldFinch. GoldFinch has a very clear process for associating all trade promotions with payments, creating a seamless system for approvals and financial tracking of deductions. The system links directly into Quickbooks, allowing for a closed loop system for our entire organization.

Jennifer Haberman – Vice President Sales -  Beyond Better Foods

GoldFinch has allowed us to better manage our operations by helping us to streamline our processes. EDI is automated and inventory planning is accurate with consistent data throughout the system. It is easy to quickly generate reports allowing us to make intelligent business decisions based on real-time data. The GoldFinch support team has been responsive and clearly understands the needs of our food business. We now have a solid platform in place with defined procedures to handle our growing business.

Meghan DiStefano – Purchasing Manager – Cucina Antica

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